Our Story

Midwest Yellow Ribbon for Life was established in Geraldton in 1998. It came about when a group of community people who had been touched by suicide came together to make a difference after several suicides in the Midwest region.  The group have been proactive in supporting the community and providing information and education around mental health and suicide prevention.  There are still members active today who originally joined November 1998.

Our Vision

Community supporting one another towards mental wellness and reducing Suicide.

Our Mission

Midwest Yellow Ribbon for Life promotes mental wellness and prevention of suicide whilst enhancing life in our community through education, support, and linking to local support services.

It is OK to Care

‘It is OK to ask for Help’

“Listen and Link”


Unfortunately, Midwest Yellow Ribbon for Life is unable to provide a 24 hour counselling service.
If you are in crisis please contact any of the emergency 24 hour helplines.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or danger call emergency services 000.